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0007346Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2021-10-07 06:28
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Product Version2021.3 
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Summary0007346: 'ranger' removed from Kali Repositories
DescriptionHi there,

During a build test for Kali i3-gaps, initinfosec realized that "ranger" ( was removed from the Kali repositories today (2021-09-27).

Is there a reason why 'ranger' was removed from Kali Linux repositories, despite the repository and package not having any issues (from what I can see)?

Kind regards.
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2021-09-29 08:51

manager   ~0015244

ranger has been removed from Debian Testing (and then from Kali) because of this issue:


2021-10-07 05:51

reporter   ~0015264

I assume once it's fixed, we'll see ranger return to the Kali repositories?


2021-10-07 06:28

manager   ~0015265

Yes that's correct. In this case it would be good to look at upstream git repo to see if this particular issue was already reported upstream.

Moreover it's possible that the issue is fixed in latest tagged version 1.9.3. It would be great is someone could:

- reproduce the issue mentioned at
- check if it's still present in 1.9.3
- check if it's still present in latest version from git master branch

If we're lucky it can be solved simply by updating the package to its latest version. Otherwise (if the issue is still present), then it needs to be reported and fixed upsteam.

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