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Summary0007347: deserter - a targeted DNS cache poisoner

Name: deserter
Version: v1.0
Author: backslash0
Licence: MIT
Description: deserter is a targeted DNS cache poisoner capable of DNS cache poisoning without brute forcing the target ID and source port.
Dependencies: The tool relies on PcapPlusPlus and argparse (both are statically linked into the final binary, so there shouldn't be any problems).
Similar tools: (
Activity: Development began on 20.09.2021. Support for DNS over IPv6 is also coming.
How to install: - instructions for manual compilation are also available on the GitHub page.

How to use:
-h --help shows help message and exits
-v --version prints version information and exits
-t --target IP Address of the machine whose cache to poison [required]
-i --interface Network Interface to use (takes an IP address or a name [required]
-b --bad-ip IP Address to inject into the cache. This shold be the address of the server you want to redirect the victim to [required]
--bad-ipv6 IPv6 Address to inject into the cache. This shold be the address of the server you want to redirect the victim to
--ttl The time-to-live of the poisoned DNS record (specified in seconds). Defaults to 300s or 5min. [default: 300]
-d --domains Specific domains to poison - enter them in a comma-separated list without spaces
-k --keep-alive Used to tell deserter that it should keep waiting for more probes even after a successful poisoning. [default: false]

Packaged: .deb package is available on




2021-11-07 12:38

reporter   ~0015418

The author name is now cr0mll. As such, I urge you to use the new release (it bears the same name, so the link doesn't need to be changed). You shouldn't have to make any changes to links or references, just download from the same release tag again.



2022-04-29 13:41

administrator   ~0016090

@kali-team, please could this be packaged up.
@author, If you want to help the packaging process, you can check the documentation here ~

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