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0007422Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2021-11-06 15:48
Reporterelrey Assigned To 
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Product Version2021.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007422: Sometimes GPG signature from main kali CDN isn't properly signed
DescriptionPeriodically when using the gpg signature from the main kali CDN ( it will fail the gpg check when verifying the signature.
Steps To Reproducecurl -fsSL | gpg --import

gpg --verify <( curl -fsSL ) <( curl -fsSL )
Additional InformationSo, I build kali on a weekly basis, and before this weekend I didn't have any issues with the GPG signature on the main CDN ( For 3 consecutive times now though, I have had my builds fail because of: "gpg: BAD signature from "Kali Linux Repository <>" [unknown]"

( NOTE: most of these links that I will post require you to login to CircleCI to get more detailed information )

If you go to my CircleCI pipeline for my project: you can see I had it fail for 4 times in a row ( all my trying to see if re-running the failed steps would work ).

Every time the pipeline failed it was the signature failing (you can see references to that below) :
( same file no CircleCI account required ( at the very bottom of the page ))

Started to do some local testing, and noticed that it wasn't consistent but just periodic. In this GitHub (GH) issue I have a recording of my terminal where it fails sometimes and it is using the main CDN:

When I swapped the CDN to use the Berkly CDN for the signature everything worked perfectly though... GH commit: ( this will grab both the sha256sums file & the sha256sums.gpg file ) & corresponding successful CI run (for the generate-packer-vars steps):



2021-10-23 16:57



2021-10-23 17:04

reporter   ~0015346

here is a screenshot of me
1) running what the "step to repeat" section resolves to (
2) running the commands I mentioned in the "step to repeat" section
3) running the commands I mentioned in the "step to repeat" section, but changing it to the berkley CDN instead of main and the signature succeeding


2021-10-23 17:04

reporter   ~0015347

didn't upload the pic...sorry...


2021-10-23 17:07

reporter   ~0015348

ok..., posting on imgur since it doesn't seem to be uploading properly...


2021-10-25 03:46

reporter   ~0015355

also forgot to mention if you don't have Kali's key imported with gpg you can do this: curl -fsSL '' | gpg --import


2021-11-06 15:46

reporter   ~0015416

Looks like things have been fixed (don't know if anything was done or if the CDN was just acting wonky...).

Have a good weekend ��


2021-11-06 15:48

reporter   ~0015417

sorry, forgot to add a link for why I think it is:

also, I guess no emoji so emoticon/text :wave: :D

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