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0007523Kali LinuxQueued Tool Additionpublic2022-04-12 07:22
Reporterghenry Assigned Tosbrun  
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Product Versionkali-dev 
Fixed in Version2022.2 
Summary0007523: SentryPeer, SIP peer to peer honeypot for VoIP

[Name] - SentryPeer
[Version] - v0.0.4
[Homepage] -
[Download] -
[Author] - Gavin Henry (submitter)
[Licence] - GPLv2 or GPLv3, source or deb
SentryPeer is a distributed list of bad IP addresses and phone numbers
collected via a SIP Honeypot.
This is basically a fraud detection tool. It lets bad actors try to make
phone calls and saves the IP address they came from and number they
tried to call. Those details are then used to block them at the service
providers network and the next time a user/customer tries to call a
collected number, it's blocked.
Traditionally this data is shipped to a central place, so you don't own
the data you've collected. This project is all about Peer to Peer sharing
of that data. The user owning the data and various Service Provider /
Network Provider related feeds of the data is the key bit for me. I'm
sick of all the services out there that keep it and sell it. If you've
collected it, you should have the choice to keep it and/or opt in to
share it with other SentryPeer community members via p2p methods.
[Dependencies] - Network access
[Similar tools] - but SIP/VoIP is just a module
[Activity] - Oct 2021. Yes, I'm the founder
[How to install] - autotools or RPM or deb. See Download link above. Docker too or Docker Hub -
[How to use] - Put it on a public IP -
[Packaged] - Yes, see This is "debuild" and pbuilder clean.




2022-03-25 13:41

administrator   ~0015939

@kali-team, please could this be packaged up.
@author, If you want to help the packaging process, you can check the documentation here ~



2022-03-25 13:46

reporter   ~0015948

Hi all,

Thanks! We're on v1.2.0 now with v1.4.0 coming (but needs an updated OpenDHT deb). I've done a debian package here too:

SentryPeer is also now part of T-Pot - (v22 just coming out).





2022-03-25 13:47

reporter   ~0015950

I actually did my first deb following your guide too :-) So thanks for that! (



2022-03-29 19:38

reporter   ~0015972

v1.4.0 out -



2022-04-06 07:25

manager   ~0016004

Thanks for the packaging work!

@ghenry I will upload sentrypeer soon in kali. But I have one question: does it support 32 bit arch or is it for 64 bit arch only? I noticed that tests fail on 32 bit architectures so I was wondering if I need to build the package only for amd64 and arm64 in Kali.



2022-04-06 08:30

reporter   ~0016005

Hi @sbrun,

No worries. I'm working on rebuilding opendht as I need opendht-c libs/bindings for peer to peer data replication, which isn't done on Debian debs. I have to work with upstream as when I build them (-DOPENDHT_C=on), cmake isn't versioning the libs for an ABI. So I think for you guys, either don't install opendht (opendht-c won't be detected by configure anyway), or pass in --disable-opendht to be safe.

Oh, I only use 64bit things, so yeah, stick with that.

Make sense?




2022-04-06 15:17

manager   ~0016006

OK, it's noted for the 64 bit.

I will work on the package and disable opendht.



2022-04-12 07:22

manager   ~0016036

sentrypeer version 1.4.0-0kali2 is in kali-rolling

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