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0007580Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2022-03-11 03:45
Reporterfilipebmoraes Assigned Toarnaudr  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2021.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version2022.2 
Summary0007580: Speech-dispatcher doesn't work when installing Kali with text speech option.
As directed, I downloaded the last week version of Kali to install with speech to text.
I managed to install it, but when the system starts, after installation, Orca cannot run because it has an error in the speech-dispatcher.
The version I used to install is kali-linux-2022-W06-installer-amd64.iso.
Thank you very much



2022-02-15 04:51

manager   ~0015739

Hi, please paste the logs, errors, or add a screenshot, or something, anything, so that I can investigate the issue. Also I need more details about your setup: do you run Kali in a VM? Baremetal (ie. installed on a physical machine)?

Orca worked when I tested it on my side, so you need to provide as much information as you can, otherwise there's not much I can do to help. Thanks.


2022-02-16 13:05

reporter   ~0015748

Sorry for the lack of information.
I am sending the error log that Speech-Dispatcher presented.
I installed Kali on a Virtual Box Virtual Machine, with 2 GB of Ran, 20 GB of Hard-disk.
The virtual machine sound card is: ICH AC97
If you need more information, please let me know.
Thanks a lot for the help.

speech-dispatcher.log (17,961 bytes)


2022-02-22 09:35

manager   ~0015795

Hi, thanks for the logs, i'm having a look. One thing I forgot to ask: did you install the default Kali desktop environment (XFCE), or Gnome, or KDE?

The speech synthesis is also broken in my tests, I can reproduce the issue. The package speech-dispatcher-espeak-ng was not installed on my system, I had to install it to fix the sound. So please try to run:

sudo apt install -y speech-dispatcher-espeak-ng

Then reboot. Does it help?


2022-02-23 19:08

reporter   ~0015806

The same problem also occurs in both Gnome and KDE
Thank You


2022-02-28 03:19

manager   ~0015817

Hi! The issue is fixed in the latest weekly installer image, that can be downloaded from (choose "Weekly").


2022-03-11 03:45

manager   ~0015853

I'm closing this issue, as it's solved in the weekly image, and it will be solved in the next release 2022.2.

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