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0007588Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2022-12-07 16:36
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Product Version2022.1 
Summary0007588: Kali Linux 2021.1 it is not loading the desktop environment.

I'm running Kali Linux 2021.1 inside a VirtualBox VM and starting today it looks that it's not loading the desktop environment. I can authenticate but then it stays like this.

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b3GkN.jpg (83,873 bytes)   




2022-02-22 08:30

manager   ~0015793

Do you mean Kali Linux 2021.1 or 2022.1 ?



2022-02-22 08:33

manager   ~0015794

That's 2021.1 for sure, seeing the background that we had for the login display back then



2022-02-22 10:27

reporter   ~0015796

oh am wrong, it's a 2022.1

2022-1.PNG (38,991 bytes)   
2022-1.PNG (38,991 bytes)   


2022-02-23 20:06

reporter   ~0015807

is xfce4 daemon running what's output of this command "cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager" what's logs in xorg.log in /var/log and dmesg and journalctl



2022-12-07 16:36

administrator   ~0017159

This report has been filed against an old version of Kali. We will be closing this ticket due to inactivity.

Please could you see if you are able to replicate this issue with the latest version of Kali Linux (

If you are still facing the same problem, feel free to re-open the ticket. If you choose to do this, could you provide more information to the issue you are facing, and also give information about your setup?
For more information, please read:

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