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0007649Kali LinuxQueued Tool Additionpublic2024-04-19 09:19
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Fixed in Version2024.2 
Summary0007649: waybackpy - CLI tool that interfaces the Wayback Machine API

[Name] - waybackpy
[Version] - 3.0.6
[Homepage] -
[Download] -
[Author] - akamhy
[Licence] - MIT License
[Description] - Waybackpy is a CLI tool that interfaces with the Wayback Machine APIs. It can be used to access the SavePageNow API, CDX Server API, and also the Availability API of Wayback Machine.
[Dependencies] - Python3.6+, urllib3, click, requests

[Similar tools]
getallurls - (gau uses CDX API for fetching archives but also has fewer filtering capabilities compared to waybackpy, but gau also uses other sources)

savepagenow - (savepagenow can only save URLs, does not fetch saved URLs.)

Both of these tools overlap in functionality to waybackpy in some minor ways but are no direct alternatives.

[Activity] - The project was started on May 2, 2020. Yes, it is still actively maintained and the latest version was released on Mar 15, 2022
[How to install] - pip install waybackpy==3.0.6

[How to use] -

Saving a URL

waybackpy --url "" --user_agent "my-unique-user-agent" --save

Retrieving archive close to a specific date and time

waybackpy --url --user_agent "my-unique-user-agent" --near --year 2008 --month 8 --day 8 --hour 8

Known URLs for a website/host

waybackpy --url --user_agent "my-user-agent" --known_urls

Querying for archives with a non-200 status code on the CDX server API

waybackpy --url --user-agent user-agent-example --cdx --filter !statuscode:200 --cdx-print archiveurl --cdx-print statuscode

[Packaged] - Nope

Additional Information

Docs for CLI Usage:

Video for CLI Usage:




2023-08-16 13:41

administrator   ~0018338

@kali-team, please could this be packaged up.
@author, If you want to help the packaging process, you can check the documentation here ~



2024-04-17 18:43

reporter   ~0019154

I have drafted a package here:

I had to skip the tests that the package has due to some issues. I have introduced superficial tests in their place instead. Please let me know if you require me to edit the the package further.



2024-04-19 09:19

manager   ~0019163

This tools is now packaged!

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