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0007703Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2022-05-11 06:59
Reporterdidacdedm Assigned Toarnaudr  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2022.1 
Summary0007703: Kali Tweaks: Hardening Broken

When opening the Kali Tweaks hardening options it shows an error stating that the configuration file could not be found.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Open Settings
2) Open Kali Tweaks
3) From the Main Menu select Hardening

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kaliTweaks_hardeningBug.png (94,281 bytes)   
kaliTweaks_hardeningBug.png (94,281 bytes)   




2022-05-10 22:33

manager   ~0016140

Can you make sure you are up to date and try again please? This issue was fixed in a more recent change so you may not have it yet.



2022-05-10 22:38

reporter   ~0016141

All packages are up to date, this is a new bug, the other one was related to how the configuration file was invoked. This one on the contrary indicates that the configuration file is not found.



2022-05-10 23:45

manager   ~0016143

You're right, I can see the same on my end.



2022-05-10 23:50

manager   ~0016144

By default it seems the samba daemon does not run and therefore kali-tweaks fails due to that. Upon running sudo samba and then re-running kali-tweaks and entering the hardening menu, it works properly.



2022-05-11 06:58

manager   ~0016145

Bug reported and fixed in Debian:

I uploaded the fix in Kali as well. The fix is in the samba package, and you need version 2:4.16.1+dfsg-4~kali1 or higher. The package with the fix should hit the Kali mirrors in a few hours.

Thanks a lot for the report !

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