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0007803Kali LinuxKali Package Improvementpublic2022-08-26 20:13
ReporterHaroonRehman Assigned Tosteev  
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Summary0007803: Very Slow kali Servers

I am having an aggressive Internet Connection 100 Mbps. I can Download 5 GB File in just 6 mins. BUT!!!!!! your Kali Linux's Latest Installer file is taking 2 days to complete because you do not give us enough bandwidth to download the file quickly. Spend some Money on your Bandwidth do not be so cheap as you are eating people's money by your certifications. You should also spend on your servers so that they give us an appreciable speed. Who will gonna wait for 2 days. This is Shame for such a big organization.

Steps To Reproduce

Just Download the Kali ISO LOL

Additional Information

Also make your Repositories Faster. And Give us Support For Wayland. We want to use Waydroid in Kali Linux.




2022-07-15 03:19


Screenshot_20220715_081403.png (195,541 bytes)   
Screenshot_20220715_081403.png (195,541 bytes)   


2022-07-15 03:55

manager   ~0016390

I am downloading at speeds of 110Mb/s as we speak so it definitely has little to do with your assumptions.
May I suggest hat you provide a little more information so that we can do some meaningful troubleshooting?

KaliDownloadSpeed.png (31,450 bytes)   
KaliDownloadSpeed.png (31,450 bytes)   


2022-07-15 04:18

manager   ~0016391

Last edited: 2022-07-15 04:20

In relation to your enquiry about Wayland: Kali does support Wayland. It is XFCE that does not.
May I suggest you use a different DE?



2022-07-15 04:25

manager   ~0016392

In relation to your request for faster repositories, I am currently downloading from those at speeds of 117.6 so I cannot see anything wrong with those either. Which mirror are you using?

KaliRepoSpeed.png (50,503 bytes)   
KaliRepoSpeed.png (50,503 bytes)   


2022-07-15 04:43

reporter   ~0016393

This is the link where The FIle is downloading

image.png (43,980 bytes)   
image.png (43,980 bytes)   


2022-07-27 19:43

manager   ~0016449

Unfortunately, that doesn't give us the information that we need - is not the actual server you are hitting, but a resolver that should point to a "local" server. Can you show the output of "host"



2022-08-02 14:10

manager   ~0016476

Or try with "axel --verbose ..." so that we can see what server you hit exactly. Alternatively, try to download the image with a bittorrent client.



2022-08-19 10:49

administrator   ~0016600

Please read over this and update the bug ticket:

This will allow us to locate the community mirror thats having issues.



2022-08-26 20:13

manager   ~0016654

Unfortunately, the user hasn't provided a reply in over a month and without that information, we cannot proceed on this bug.

@haroonrehman If you experience the issue again, please feel free to reopen the bug with the information requested.

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