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0007829Kali LinuxTool Upgrade Requestpublic2022-09-09 16:40
ReporterNyxcution Assigned Toarnaudr  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2022.2 
Summary0007829: The cutter arm64 version used in the apt repository is highly outdated and doesn't work anymore

Could one of the developers please build and update the cutter reverse engineering tool for the Kali repos so it can have the latest features and so it can run on all devices Kali Linux or nethunter can run on properly




2022-08-06 05:09

reporter   ~0016517

Is there anything I can do to help you resolve this bug



2022-08-17 06:42

manager   ~0016584

I'm looking at it. There's been a fork of libradare2, so there's a bit of work to do.



2022-08-19 06:39

reporter   ~0016593

I appreciate your help I know it's not easy to do stuff like this I'm trying to learn myself honestly



2022-09-09 16:39

manager   ~0016719

So the package radare2-cutter should be fixed by now. Please update your system and look for version "1.12.0-1+kali1" or "1.12.0-2" of the package. This is not really a new version, just a fix of the existing version that is roughly 2 years old.

Additionally, we packaged the latest version of cutter in another package, named "rizin-cutter". If you install it, it will remove "radare2-cutter" from your system, you can only have one of them installed.

Going forward, it's the package "rizin-cutter" that will be maintained, this is the "official" cutter, from

I'm closing the ticket. Thanks for reporting the issue!

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