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0008012Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2022-11-06 11:59
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Product Version2022.3 
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Summary0008012: sslstrip fails to resolve target website
I am using the latest package available in Kali (1.0+git20211125.9ac747b-0kali1) and when I run it it gives errors similar to this one in the sslstrip.log file:
2022-10-16 19:09:01,267 Resolving host:
2022-10-16 19:09:01,267 Host not cached.
2022-10-16 19:09:01,296 Resolved host successfully: ->
2022-10-16 19:09:01,296 Host resolution error: [Failure instance: Traceback: <class 'TypeError'>: argument should be integer or bytes-like object, not 'str'
--- <exception caught here> ---

It seems to do this for any host.
If you need more information please just ask.
Take care,
Steps To ReproduceI am simply following the instructions in the file.



2022-11-06 10:46

reporter   ~0017056

Seems this is a known unresolved issue in sslstrip:

sslstrip seems to be generally not compatible with Python3 anymore:

and has been already removed from Debian since quite some time:


2022-11-06 11:59

reporter   ~0017057

Looks like Kali switched to a python3 compatible fork available at:

Better create a new issue about this error in the hope to get this fixed.

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