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0008039Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2022-11-02 10:29
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Product Version2022.3 
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Summary0008039: After unlocking Kali linux desktop, speakers are unmuted.

Recently i've noticed, that after screen unlocking pulse audio unmutes the speakers and sets volume to 50%.
Also i did some tests with xflock4 from terminal. Result is the same: speakers are unmuted and volume is set to 50%.

As i can remember, previously (1-2 month ago) unlocking Kali, did not unmute the speakers after unlocking the screen.

Kali is installed as bare metal on Dell laptop. I'm using latest Kali rolling (2022.3).

Any hints/ideas/suggestions on how keep mute on after unlocking the screen?




2022-11-02 10:29

reporter   ~0017043

I did more tests.
If i mute the speakers and set volume to other value than 50% and then run "reboot" from terminal, then Kali is rebooted and after logging in speakers are muted and volume settings are kept as i set them. This is correct behavior.

Looks like xflock4 causes unmuting the speakers.

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