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0008042Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Improvementpublic2022-11-03 12:12
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Product Version2022.3 
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Summary0008042: Too fast touch pad scrolling (touch too sensitive) while using kali linux in hyper-v
DescriptionI have installed kali linux in hyper-v , after installing the kali worked fine the touchpad was scrolling perfect! not to fast not to slow , but when i enabled enhanced session mode the scrolling became too sensitive only to touchpad when i use an external mouse it works fine .

I googled it and found out so many other people had same issue , seems like it's an package issue of xorgxrdp , in kali 2022.3 the version of this package is highly outdated and hasn't been updated , i tried to update using apt full-upgrade -y , still the package remains to same old outdated version .
Steps To Reproduceinstall kali in hyper-v
enable enhanced session mode
Additional Informationi tried to reach xrdp devs , they said it's an outdated package issue , send this issue to kali devs

##some useful links as followed# -latest version of xorgxrdp with too fast scrolling fixed



2022-11-03 12:12


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