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0008052Kali LinuxQueued Tool Additionpublic2024-06-26 12:51
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Summary0008052: mxcheck - An email server scanner

Hi, tool author and first-time Debian packager here.

mxcheck is a an email server scanner. It checks dns entries, autonomous system, if it is listed by blacklists and if the server is an open relay. Development is happening on Github

I created a package

This is my first Debian package so expect two warnings from lintian:

1) There is a man page but dh is not adding it.
2) lintian complains that a point in copyright is missing, but it is there.

Everything else looks good.

Please check if mxcheck can be useful to the Kali community.

Best regards,



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2022-12-17 22:36

reporter   ~0017252

Version 1.4.2 released.

I am not updating the Debian package on Gitlab. If this package is one day of interest, I will create a package on Github and keep it in sync with the releases.



2023-01-05 07:33

manager   ~0017360

Ola! If you would like mxcheck to be included in Kali, you should follow the template documented at, to provide us with basic information about the tool. It helps us to have a quick overview, and as we evaluate tool requests on a regular basis, we'll decided if yes or no we want to include it in Kali.

The packaging part for this tool is trivial, bit even though, it doesn't mean that we want to include it in Kali. Packages need maintenance, from the moment we include it, we must maintain if and fix it if ever it breaks.




2023-01-05 07:54

reporter   ~0017363

Hi! Thanks for your comment and I will happily follow the template.

[Name] - mxcheck

[Version] - v1.4.2 (versions match git tags)

[Homepage] -

[Download] -

[Author] - Steffen Fritz (ampoff)

[Licence] - GPL v3 -

[Description] -

mxcheck is an info scanner for e-mail servers.

  • It checks DNS records: A, MX, PTR, SPF, MTA-STS, DKIM,
  • the AS Number and AS Country,
  • the support of StartTLS and the certificate,
  • open ports: 25, 465, 587
  • if the service is listed by blacklists
  • and whether the server is an open relay

[Dependencies] - mxcheck is written in go and distributed as a statically linked, fat binary. For the blacklist check eleven external blacklist services are requested.

[Similar tools] - None standalone tools I am aware of, only externally hosted services like mxtoolbox

[Activity] - It started in October 2018 and is still actively developed and maintained in January 2023

[How to install] - mxcheck can be compiled by go build. To include version and build hash into the binary the included Makefile should be used with make build.

[How to use] - ./mxcheck -s There is also an Asciicast

[Packaged] - Tried my best



2023-02-03 15:41

administrator   ~0017461

@kali-team, please could this be packaged up.



2023-02-15 22:42

reporter   ~0017508


[Version] - v1.5.0 (versions match git tags)



2023-03-06 13:49

reporter   ~0017617

Info Update:

[Homepage] -



2023-05-16 06:54

reporter   ~0017938

[Version] - v1.5.1 (versions match git tags)
[Homepage] -



2023-06-08 18:42

reporter   ~0018169


[Version] - v1.5.2 (versions match git tags)



2023-10-12 12:27

reporter   ~0018542

[Version] - v1.5.2-1 (versions match git tags)

This is a dependencies update.



2024-03-15 17:18

reporter   ~0019035

New version, v1.6.0. Added TLS version check:



2024-06-24 11:43

reporter   ~0019469

Last edited: 2024-06-24 11:44

Package drafted/available for peer review. There is 1 dependency that has to be imported to Kali before mxcheck can be built/distributed:

Just a quick feedback: If you want to get feedback/issues etc., from users on Kali, maybe find an alternative -v output, as it lacks details:

└─# mxcheck -v

mxcheck --  Copyright (C) 2019-2024  Steffen Fritz --  version:  build: 

This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
This is free software under GPL-3.0, and you are welcome to 
redistribute it under certain conditions. See license file.


2024-06-24 14:08

reporter   ~0019470


thanks for your feedback and the drafted package!

The version and build values are set by make, using "build". If it eases thinks I could set them directly in the code.

However, besides that, I will add the sourcecode repository and issue tracker, good point. While I will apply OpenSSF to mxcheck, the whole issue process will be streamlined.



2024-06-26 10:15

reporter   ~0019481

The version and build values are set by make, using "build". If it eases thinks I could set them directly in the code.

The package is built via the following Debian rule:

#!/usr/bin/make -f

    dh $@ --builddirectory=_build --buildsystem=golang

    dh_auto_install -- --no-source

This depends on dh-sequence-golang i.e. dh-goloang. Refer to regarding the "build" stage. If you have an idea on how we can provide the version/build info to this process, feel free to share.



2024-06-26 12:51

reporter   ~0019482

I added the version string directly in the source and removed the build sha1 fingerprint as it would change in any case.

If you could sync again against upstream, the -v flag prints the correct version and gives a URL to where file bugs and feature requests.

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