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0008093Kali LinuxFeature Requestspublic2023-05-31 14:54
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Summary0008093: Request for new method for overlay/persistence for iso boot


I have been using this modified init script for knoppix-8.6.0 for sometime now,

Currently its being used in usb method, but a similar approach would make
it usable via cdrom-boot too.

Would be nice if devs looked at it and see if something similar possible for kali.

One can avoid write of iso to usb to start with customization.
Instead just boot the iso, which will detect drive/usb-drives
and look for eg. a folder

  1. knoppix<versionum> and layer union-mount
    a. files like <knoppix><num>.sf4 contained in it (readonly)
    b. OR/AND mount the folder <knoppix><num>.d itself


With this method added I could just download the full-iso, boot and start adding as needed.

It has helped me to add persistent changes and layer them over, even remove/re-add them later.



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