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0008168Kali Linux[All Projects] Queued Tool Additionpublic2023-03-21 16:48
Reporterturbopapero Assigned Toarnaudr  
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Target VersionFixed in Version2023.2 
Summary0008168: rz-ghidra decompiler plugin for rizin-cutter
Description[Name] - rz-ghidra
[Version] - v0.4.0 (Must be the matching version of rizin, see
[Homepage] -
[Download] -
[Author] - rizinorg
[Licence] - GNU LGPLv3
[Description] - The tool is a plugin for rizin to integrate the Ghidra engine into rizin and rizin-cutter so the decompiler works out of the box when running rizin-cutter.
[Dependencies] - rizin, glibc
[Similar tools] - Ghidra is a Java tool that allows decompiling assembly but this does not allow the integration with rizin.
[Activity] - First appearence in 2019, currently maintained by rizinorg
[How to install] - See
[How to use] - See or use Cutter GUI "decompiler" function
[Packaged] - The maintainers do not package the tool themselves. Example ParrotOS package:
Additional InformationThis request comes after this feature request here: where some examples of the missing feature are shown and some additional links to other discussions are provided.


related to 0008166 new Decompiler not working in packaged version of Cutter 



2023-02-02 17:42

reporter   ~0017450

Additional info on packaging directly from the developers:


2023-02-03 15:37

administrator   ~0017451

@kali-team, please could this be packaged up.
@author, If you want to help the packaging process, you can check the documentation here ~


2023-02-03 21:22

reporter   ~0017472

Ok will check that


2023-02-05 10:09

reporter   ~0017478

Alright, if no one complains, I would like to contribute. I am following to create the package and I will send some results later next week using my Gitlab account.

Is that ok?
As the developers say here: we should also package the other decompiler, jsdec as that is also expected by the "regular" users of Cutter (those who are using the AppImage).


2023-02-09 08:50

manager   ~0017486

Last edited: 2023-02-09 08:51

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Sure, sounds good to me.

For examples, you can look at the following Kali packages:

You can also look at how rizin-ghidra is packaged in other distros, here are some lists:

Packaging for Kali is likely to be similar to the package for Parrot, but not exactly the same. However I don't know where to find the sources for this package.

I don't think it's a trivial package, so hopefully you have some packaging skills ;) I mean, it's not the best package to get started with packaging.

See also:


2023-02-09 09:02

reporter   ~0017489

Indeed, not trivial, but I will try to do it. I am already looking at those packages and the equivalent packages in Parrot.

As I was discussing also here: we probably need a librizin-cutter-dev package the same way Parrot is doing. This is required to compile the rz-ghidra plugin for cutter, otherwise we can only build it for the rizin CLI which is not enough.

I am preparing a PR for rizin-cutter first (that, I guess from your nickname, it's your package, right?), adding the libfuzzer-cutter-dev package into the existing package.

Once we have this we can go with the rz-ghidra package in a similar way as Parrot OS is doing.


2023-02-09 09:04

reporter   ~0017490

This is how Parrot is doing rizin-cutter:


2023-02-09 09:08

manager   ~0017492

Yep I did the packaging for Kali. Feel free to open a MR and ping here as well. I might not have time until next week though.


2023-02-10 18:53

reporter   ~0017495

FIrst MR for librizin-cutter-dev here
This is the first step before creating an actual rz-ghidra package that will depend on librizin-cutter-dev for builds.


2023-02-11 17:05

reporter   ~0017497

Plus, I have created the repo for packaging rz-ghidra here which will work properly only once the MR above will be merged.
Here I need some inputs for you on how to proceed.


2023-02-17 14:50

manager   ~0017523

I didn't find the time this week, sorry about that. I'll try next week but no promise.


2023-02-19 07:43

reporter   ~0017527

Just to understand the procedure on the new rz-ghidra package: someone has to create an rz-ghidra package in and then I can create the MR from my own repo right?


2023-02-19 08:28

manager   ~0017528

MR are not always practictal for packaging. A packaging repo has different branches (2 at least, one branch with upstream code, and one branch with packaging), and you can't create a MR with 2 branches. You could create 2 MR, one for each branch, but that's getting complicated...

So, for a new package, just work in your own repo, then we'll review that, and then push it to


2023-02-20 08:15

reporter   ~0017531

Now that librizin-cutter-dev has been merged, I am going back to work on the rz-ghidra plugin from my repo
WIll come back with an update when ready for review after some tests.


2023-02-20 08:40

manager   ~0017532

Sounds good, thanks a lot!


2023-02-22 10:32

reporter   ~0017549

Some updates.

The rizin (CLI) plugins are loaded (in the current rizin kali package) from:


To run rz-ghidra for Cutter we also need the CLI plugin to work otherwise it won't work.
This means that we need to decide between 2 possibilities:

- EASY: store the rizin (CLI) plugins in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/rizin/plugins (the current default directory for rizin cli plugins in kali).
    --- This will violate the rule that we discussed in the rizin-cutter MR where we don't want to use the multiarch directory x86_64-linux-gnu.
    --- For consistency we should also re-align the rizin-cutter (the last MR) as it makes no sense to have two different places for plugins.
- CLEAN: Edit the rizin package with an additional pull request so that the /usr/lib/rizin/plugins will be set as default plugin directory to follow the same approach of rizin-cutter.

I would go with the clean approach. Other distros like Parrot OS seem to ignore the problem and just use the default directories violating the rules.

What do you want to do?


2023-03-04 04:27

manager   ~0017611

Hello, sorry for the delay. I prefer the clean solution, and I just pushed to this effect.

Please ping me when is ready


2023-03-04 09:43

reporter   ~0017612

Cool, will try to close this within this weekend. I will ping here when ready.


2023-03-12 11:37

reporter   ~0017645


With your last modification, the code works now.
You can check the package at

For the remaining lintian errors, I don't know what's the best approach for Kali.

missing-notice-file-for-apache-license => This seems to be a false positive as the file is simply in another place
source-is-missing => All these files are not installed, they are just examples and tools that are not required
source-contains-prebuilt-windows-binary => Same as above

Should we remove such files from the initial source using a patch?


2023-03-17 16:26

manager   ~0017683

Ola, I opened a merge request, please review, if you're happy with those changes, please merge, and I'll upload that in Kali.

> missing-notice-file-for-apache-license => This seems to be a false positive as the file is simply in another place
> source-is-missing => All these files are not installed, they are just examples and tools that are not required
> source-contains-prebuilt-windows-binary => Same as above

Most of those message are related to the ghidra directory (you surely noticed that rz-ghidra embeds a complete copy of ghidra). So I just had a look at the Kali package for ghidra, and followed the same approach: override most of those lintian messages. You can always run lintian-explain-tags, usually explanations are pretty good.

> Should we remove such files from the initial source using a patch?

No, we'll live with that, no worries.


2023-03-20 04:10

manager   ~0017684

Hello again, the package was just uploaded to kali-dev, it should enter kali-rolling shortly afterward. GitLap repo at

Thanks again for submitting this package and following up until the end!

Bonus question: do you know of a way, from the command-line, to test if the rz-ghidra plugin is enabled / functional? Maybe rizin has a command to list plugins for example, or maybe we can even run a simple test to exercise rz-ghidra and validate that it's functional. It would be be very useful to add such a test to the package, so that we can catch regressions for example.


2023-03-20 06:49

reporter   ~0017685

As explained here:

the Ghidra plugin shows up by executing

   rz-asm -L
Maybe that's a possible way to check that the plugin was succesfully loaded at rizin startup.

Can also be checked within the rizin interactive cli using

   e asm.arch=?

as described below in the same page.


2023-03-21 01:30

manager   ~0017686

Last edited: 2023-03-21 02:18

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rz-asm -L works, but it gives a warning that was not there before I installed rz-ghidra:

└─$ rz-asm -L | grep -i ghidra

WARNING: Cannot find plugin constructor
_dAe  8 16 32 64   ghidra      LGPL3   SLEIGH Disassembler from Ghidra (by FXTi)

So something is not quite right with rz-ghidra, it seems. Or maybe it's just a harmless error message. Who knows.


2023-03-21 01:33

manager   ~0017687

This command also works to show the ghidra plugin. This time, there's no warning message:

└─$ rizin -q -c "e asm.arch=?" | grep ghidra


2023-03-21 16:47

reporter   ~0017689

I have executed the same command (rz-asm -L | grep -i ghidra) on Arch Linux (rz-ghidra is already available there) and I get no warning.

Apparently their package does not have this flag that you added in the merge request:

They only have:

I can do some investigation later but I am a bit busy for this week.


2023-03-21 16:48

reporter   ~0017690

Still, it looks like the flag is default to ON anyway: so probably this is not the reason.

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