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0008172Kali LinuxNew Tool Requestspublic2023-02-15 13:13
ReporterkiBlahciM Assigned Toarnaudr  
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Product Version2022.4 
Summary0008172: app installer issue

Hello dear, Kali Linux community i have a question.

If Kali Linux could add a feature called app installer i am trying to install Minecraft on Kali Linux OS and i Don't get a chance to install it because of that i am trying to get the request for this feature.

yours trully: kiBlahciM




2023-02-05 15:03

reporter   ~0017480

"app installer" sounds quite generic and why do you want to run Minecraft on a Linux didtribution dedicated for pentesting / security purposes?

At least try to remove any irrelevant info like greetings from your request and describe in detail what support (links, more info) you are actually requesting.



2023-02-05 16:03

reporter   ~0017482

If it's this:

then this could be closed right away:

App Installer is a software component of Windows 10



2023-02-09 09:54

reporter   ~0017493

i will still wanna request that application to be on Kali Linux



2023-02-09 10:11

manager   ~0017494

Hello, if you want to request a tool to be in Kali, we have a procedure for that: Please gather all the details regarding the app that you'd like to see in Kali Linux, and submit it here. But your request is very likely to be turned down anyway, as Kali is focused on packaging tools related to infosec, and a "generic app installer" is completely out of scope.



2023-02-15 13:13

manager   ~0017507

If you want a simple software center you can follow this guide to install flatpak and gnome-software. You can find minecraft in that software store

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