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0008246Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2023-05-24 01:22
Reporterlilcavvy Assigned Toarnaudr  
Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version2023.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008246: Audio output not working
DescriptionCurrently have dual-boot Kali on my Macbook 2017 Pro; however, audio is not playing through my native speakers, is there any way to get around this issue? No system sounds work, nor does youtube or spotify. There is recognition that audio is coming through, but nothing is outputted.



2023-04-06 00:37

manager   ~0017744


has audio ever worked before? I mean, did it use to work, and then stopped working after you updated Kali?


2023-04-06 00:45

reporter   ~0017745

It works when I boot into MacOS but not when I’m booted in kali.


2023-04-06 01:50

manager   ~0017746

Do you use the default Kali desktop (ie. XFCE)? Did you install from Kali version 2023.1? And if so: can you try to update the system (with « sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade »), and then reboot.

We're just in the process of changing the audio stack from pulseaudio to pipewire, the change landed in the repo last week. That's why, please let's make sure your system is up-to-date before going any further.

After reboot, please open a terminal an run the command « ps -fp $(pgrep wire) ». This is to make sure that pipewire is up and running. You should get an output similar to

$ ps -fp $(pgrep wire)
kali        1969    1936  0 Apr05 ?        Ssl    1:43 /usr/bin/pipewire
kali        1973    1936  0 Apr05 ?        Ssl    0:01 /usr/bin/wireplumber
kali        1974    1936  0 Apr05 ?        SLsl   2:34 /usr/bin/pipewire-pulse


2023-04-06 12:29

reporter   ~0017753

Followed the steps, I have pipewire installed now; however, I still don't have audio playing...


2023-04-06 12:30

reporter   ~0017754

And sorry, yes I installed Kali ver 2023.1


2023-04-06 13:04

reporter   ~0017756

I have the same issue


2023-04-07 01:24

manager   ~0017762

@lilcavvy Are you logged in as root?


2023-04-07 01:47

manager   ~0017765

@lilcavvy Can you please check whether you have pipewire-pulse running when you type « ps -fp $(pgrep wire) » ? If it's not running, please follow these steps to install it:

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo apt install -y pipewire-pulse

Then reboot.

Next step: check that pipewire-pulse is up and running, with the command « systemctl --user status -n 100 pipewire-pulse ». Please paste the output here. Thanks!


2023-05-24 01:22

manager   ~0018014

I'm closing as there was no feedback after more than a month

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