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0008286Kali Linux[All Projects] New Tool Requestspublic2023-05-16 18:28
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Summary0008286: unblob extractor
DescriptionName: unblob

Version: 23.5.5



Author: ONEKEY

Licence: MIT

Description: unblob is an accurate, fast, and easy-to-use extraction suite. It parses unknown binary blobs for more than 30 different archive, compression, and file-system formats, extracts their content recursively, and carves out unknown chunks that have not been accounted for.

unblob is free to use, licensed under MIT license, it has a command line interface and can be used as a Python library. This turns unblob into the perfect companion for extracting, analyzing, and reverse engineering firmware images.

Dependencies: for full coverage, the tool requires these third party command-line tools to be present: 7z, debugfs, lz4, lziprecover, lzop, sasquatch, sasquatch-v4be, simg2img, unar, zstd.

Similar tools: binwalk

Activity: the project started 18 months ago and is still actively maintained.

How to install: you can install it using pip with "pip install --user unblob"

How to use: see

Packaged: not yet packaged for Debian, but willing to work on it if it speeds up adoption by Kali maintainers.



2023-05-16 14:22

manager   ~0017944

FTR I think we need to package 9 Python modules for this package.
6 of them seem to be quite easy to package.
The other 3 are arch dependent and will require more work to package and build them in Kali.


2023-05-16 18:28

reporter   ~0017945

Can you provide an exact list of the packages you mentioned (6 quite easy to package, 3 that are arch dependent) ?

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