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0008309Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2023-05-18 13:35
ReporterCyberZest Assigned Todaniruiz  
Status closedResolutionsuspended 
Product Version2023.1 
Summary0008309: Kali freezes too much, and when reboot it stuck on Kali Logo

Whenever try to run 3-4 task simultaneously, it freezes a lot, like when using chrome, burp, terminal and text editor at the same time and leave kali for 5-10 minutes, it freezes. And when try to reboot it stuck on Kali Logo. Have to force reboot 5-8 times to get kali working.
This issue is coming in the latest version of Kali.
PC Specifications:- 8gb RAM, 1TB HDD, AMD A6-7310 with AMD A4 Radeon Graphics, Dual Boot with Windows 10, For Kali 110GB disk space, free 78GB.

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2023-05-18 13:35

manager   ~0017961

We're sorry but we don't have the manpower to deal with hardware support problems.
Those problems need to be fixed in the upstream Linux kernel. We regularly import new kernel releases.
Some hardware suppliers don't care about their Linux support, and there's nothing we can do about that. Avoid buying hardware from those suppliers if you're going to run Linux with it.

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