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0008311Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2023-05-18 13:34
Reporterdoomed Assigned Todaniruiz  
Status closedResolutionsuspended 
Product Version2023.1 
Summary0008311: gnome-boxes crash the system

gnome-boxes crash kali

it will create the vm which you can not delete even after re-logging, technically you can delete all cache .local .config gnome-boxes files and purge gnome-boxes but soon as you reinstall it and reopen it the vm will be there and immediately crash the system again

Steps To Reproduce

install gnome-boxes and see yourself




2023-05-16 20:14

reporter   ~0017950

Better report this to the GNOME developer / the developer of that tool



2023-05-16 22:20

reporter   ~0017951

please remove it from the kali repository until this isn't fixed by them



2023-05-18 13:34

manager   ~0017960

We provide this tool unmodified from Debian. So you should verify that you can reproduce those issues in Debian and then report them to Debian (or to the upstream project directly).
We don't have the manpower to investigate those issues ourselves.

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