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0008335Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2023-05-30 14:49
ReporterkaliJJ Assigned To 
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Product Version2023.1 
Summary0008335: Burp Suite built-in browser does not launch

In 2023.1, after launching burp suite, proxy tab, the open browser link does open burp's built-in browser. Tried in 2023.1 live 64 bit as well as in 64-bit vmware build downloaded directly from

Steps To Reproduce

Launch burp suite from kali menu (web application analysis). Click on proxy tab. Click "open browser".




2023-05-28 04:27

manager   ~0018033

What happens if you run burpsuite from a terminal and try to follow these same steps?



2023-05-28 04:39

reporter   ~0018034

I've tried this, too. Same behaviour, and no additional output to the terminal.



2023-05-30 14:49

manager   ~0018050

Does it work if you try something like exiting burpsuite and then mv ~/.BurpSuite ~/.BurpSuite.bak and then starting burpsuite again? Perhaps you launched burpsuite in the past as root, and your user can't write to the directory now?

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