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0008386Kali LinuxKali Package Improvementpublic2023-08-08 09:12
ReporterArszilla Assigned Toarnaudr  
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Fixed in Version2023.3 
Summary0008386: i3-dotfiles & kali-desktop-i3 metapackage changes

I'm creating this ticket to track the changes I'll be applying to these 2 packages in the coming days, hopefully within this week, and keep the team informed.

i3-dotfiles changes:

  • Change the default terminal to alacritty and add its dotfiles
  • Change the default file manager to Thunar and add its dotfiles
  • Change the default screenshot utility to flameshot
  • Remove rxvt-unicode, pcmanfm and maim related configurations

kali-desktop-i3 changes:

  • Remove rxvt-unicode, maim and pcmanfm
  • Add alacritty, thunar and flameshot

This list is currently not final, but a list of TODOs I've made based on some feedbacks I've received.

I'll share the GitLab URLS/MRs once I apply the changes.




2023-07-28 08:53

reporter   ~0018259

kali-meta PR submitted:



2023-07-28 08:53

reporter   ~0018260

It should be noted that after some testing and research, alacritty has been dropped in favor of kitty.



2023-07-28 09:45

reporter   ~0018261

i3-dotfiles changes have been pushed:



2023-07-28 09:47

reporter   ~0018262

Overall changes to i3-dotfiles:

  • Removed deprecated script from /usr/bin/
  • Updated JetBrainsMono font to include Italic and Bold Italic
  • Replaced maim with flameshot
  • Replaced rxvt-unicode with kitty
  • Replaced pcmanfm with Thunar


2023-08-08 09:12

manager   ~0018285

Ola, all done, i3-dotfiles updated, MR on kali-meta merged. Packages are in kali-rolling and should hit the mirrors shortly after 12:00 UTC. Thanks for your updates!

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