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0008462Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2023-09-15 20:27
ReporterLanuk1002 Assigned ToGamb1t  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Product Version2023.3 
Summary0008462: Threats detected in Windows Defender while Installing and configuring "kali-linux-2023.3-installer-amd64.iso" in Virtual box

I found some threats in “Windows Defender” when I am installing kali linux iso file (virtual machine) in windows(base machine).

File name: kali-linux-2023.3-installer-amd64.iso
Downloaded on: September 09, 2023 . Browser using: Brave
Time: 13:53:20, IST
Source URL:

After installing and configuring it in Oracle Virtual Box, Threat alerts in windows defender popped up. Even after taking action, windows defender is not able to remove the threat
I am sharing some screenshots regarding the scenario.

Additional Information

This is the very first time I am submitting a bug.

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2023-09-14 20:32

reporter   ~0018481

This can be closed as not a bug or issue in Kali.

More context from 0008270:0017812:

Kali Linux includes multiple files that are considered as "virus" in Windows, which makes sense as that's part of the purpose of this distribution.
We can't fix that on our side, you need to check the settings of your antivirus



2023-09-15 20:27

manager   ~0018482

This is not a real issue. However, our documentation pages will be getting updated documenting this and explaining how to work around it.

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