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Summary0008509: Version 2023.3 does not allow drag and drop in Cisco Packettracer and GNS3 applications. In versions 2023.1 and 2022.4 yes

Hello, I use kali version 2023.3 and I have a problem with the packettracer and GNS3 applications, both in their latest versions and also in their last two previous versions tested. While using these two applications, I cannot pick up and drag equipment, modules and other items. Immediately when clicking and moving an item (module or equipment) a red circle appears at the base of the item and I cannot release it.

1 - The applications were downloaded from the official websites of the application developers. Packettracer uses fewer processes, so I'll talk about it since the problem is the same in both

2 - When installing the downloaded application, you are asked to install libgl1-mesa-glx (the libgl1-mesa-glx_20.3.5-1_amd64 version is installed) downloaded from the website debian/pool/main/m/mesa/libgl1-mesa-glx_23.1.3-1_amd64.deb and also libxcb-xinerama0-dev, installed directly by the command sudo apt install libxcb-xinerama0-dev.

3 - After that, packettracer can be installed and so far, drag and drop was the only functionality that I found a problem with

4 - I tested both applications on another distro, Ubuntu 23.10 (Mantic Minotaur) and on two other versions of Kali Linux, 2022.4 and 2023.1. In all 3 options the problem does not occur, I can drag and drop devices and modules.

It's my first time on the forum and I don't know if this was the correct place for this message.




2023-10-23 19:02

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I forgot to add the following information:

Kali version 2023.3 is installed directly on the hardware, the distro Ubuntu 23.10 (Mantic Minotaur) and two other versions of Kali Linux, 2022.4 and 2023.1 were virtualized in virtualbox (section about: VirtualBox Graphical Interface Version 7.0.10_Debian r158379).



2023-10-30 03:21

manager   ~0018595

The libgl1-mesa-glx package doesn't actually install anything as it was a transitional package (it only installs some documentation); The upstream projects need to update their dependencies to not require it anymore, and they possibly need to be updated to work with newer libraries. You might want to try running the programs from the command line to see if there is any sort of output when you try to drag and drop, but I'm not sure what we can do in Kali as these are applications that aren't provided by Kali, so you probably need to contact upstream to get support.



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Answered here: Closing.

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