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Summary0008533: NetExec - The network execution tool for pentesting

Name: NetExec
Version: v1.1.0
Author: mpgn_x64, zblurx, Marshall-Hallenbeck, NeffIsBack
Licence: BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License,
This tool is used for penetration testing (mainly Active Directory) and allows not only authentication across multiple implemented protocols, but also execution of commands on multiple targets at once. In addition, community-built modules allow further exploitation, vulnerability scanning or credential harvesting using various techniques. This tool is the actively maintained fork of the well-known "CrackMapExec" tool, which is now inactive. The latest version of crackmapexec in the kali repositories is version 5.4.0. A lot of features have been added since then, not only in the new NetExec repository, but also features that were already on the crackmapexec github, but not updated in the kali repositories.
Dependencies: Only the python packages specified in the pyproject.toml file.
Similar tools: CrackMapExec, which is no longer maintained.
Activity: This project started in mid-September, has now had two releases and is in active development.
How to install: Either install NetExec using the github release tag, or use the appropriate binary from the release page.
How to use examples:
-Scan a range for open SMB ports: nxc smb [ip-range]
-Brute-force credentials over ssh: nxc ssh [ip] -u user_list -p password_list


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