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Summary0008540: KLEE Symbolic Execution Engine To The People!

Good morning,

I am a software test automation researcher and was hoping we could

discuss adding official support for the KLEE symbolic execution engine

to the Kali mainline distribution.

This is in reference to

Package KLEE for Ubuntu and Other Distributions:

KLEE is already packaged for FreeBSD. We would like to find maintainers for other popular distributions, particularly Ubuntu, but also macOS, Arch Linux, Gentoo Linux, OpenSUSE etc.

The tool has been proven very effective

and has many publications on its efficacy, and I hope that if

more people are willing to have it part of the typical workflow

I would be excited to further develop the tool itself given mass user demand.

--William Raezer.




2023-11-27 17:52

reporter   ~0018647

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I am hoping to release the package under the name BitGambit, and because symbolic execution is best done on rewritten binaries, I decided to also refer to the binary lifter known as mcsema:

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