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Summary0008733: - Fingerprinting tool

[Name] -

[Version] - 1.1

[Homepage] -

[Download] -

[Author] - Me "bus7d"

[Licence] - No condition it is for the community

[Description] - is meant to be used when scanning a wide scope of IPs and ports with masscan so nmap too!. It permits to handle very large amount of data from a fingerprinting scan (nmap -sS or masscan) to analyze and find interesting targets in a wide range IP scope.
_Open TCP Ports found: display the number of open TCP Ports on the range(s)

_Tcp Port Number List: make a list of TCP Port Numbers

_Alive Host List: make a list of alive hosts

_Host Port Ranking: make a list of alive hosts by number of open ports descending

_Host Files: creates one file for each alive IP found with a list of their open ports

_Host by Open Port Search Engine: allow you to list and enumerate hosts IPs by ports + create a file with the search result

[Dependencies] - masscan results in a text file into the working directory

[Similar tools] - They are other tools to handle masscan output but none are shell based and usually needs to deploy a webserver with a dashboard.

[Activity] - I coded it some years ago when redteaming an ISP and scanning 300K hosts with masscan.

[How to install] -chmod +x

[How to use] - ./

[Packaged] - it is a shell script




2024-05-07 00:12

reporter   ~0019251

It is a Footprinting tool not a Fingerprinting tool :P

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