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0000967Kali LinuxTool Upgrade Requestpublic2014-01-18 14:48
Reportermidnite_runr Assigned Tomuts  
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Product Version1.0.6 
Fixed in Version1.0.7 
Summary0000967: Update the Backdoor Factory in the tool repository [Please]

I've updated the backdoor-factory to support 64 bit stager payloads from metasploit, including x64/meterpreter/reverse_tcp, x64/meterpreter/reverse_https, and I added a feature so that users can provide their own x64 shellcode and it will patch it into a x64 windows binary as they choose.

Background information:

The Backdoor Factory, a python script, injects shellcode into win32/64 PE files, to continue normal file execution (if the shellcode supports it), by patching the exe/dll directly.


Injection Module Demo:





2014-01-18 14:35

reporter   ~0001421

Thanks for the update.

If you'd like to have your updates alert us each time automatically, please look into using git tags on your project github page (

This way the Kali project will automatically be able to track any changes in the way of new version tags on your side.



2014-01-18 14:47

reporter   ~0001422

Updated in backdoor-factory_1.0+git20140118

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