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0003512Kali Linux[All Projects] Queued Tool Additionpublic2021-09-13 17:37
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Summary0003512: WIFI-Pumpkin, a real nice GUI wireless MITM framework with plugin support.
DescriptionWIFI-Pumpkin, tool can be found @
and it deserves a spot in the Kali repos :)


has duplicate 0005119 closed WiFi Pumpkin 



2016-08-30 21:58


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2018-01-29 15:19

administrator   ~0008503

To help speed up the process of evaluating the tool, please make sure to include the following information (the more information you include, the more beneficial it will for us):

- [Name] - The name of the tool
- [Version] - What version of the tool should be added?
--- If it uses source control (such as git), please make sure there is a release to match (e.g. git tag)
- [Homepage] - Where can the tool be found online? Where to go to get more information?
- [Download] - Where to go to get the tool?
- [Author] - Who made the tool?
- [Licence] - How is the software distributed? What conditions does it come with?
- [Description] - What is the tool about? What does it do?
- [Dependencies] - What is needed for the tool to work?
- [Similar tools] - What other tools are out there?
- [How to install] - How do you compile it?
- [How to use] - What are some basic commands/functions to demonstrate it?


2018-11-26 18:41

reporter   ~0010021

- [Name] - WIFI-Pumpkin
- [Version] - Latest release (in the release tab on GitHub)
- [Homepage] -
- [Download] -
- [Author] - P0cL4bs Team/mh4x0f - Marcos Bomfim (Nesster)
- [Licence] - GNU General Public License v3.0
- [Description] - Framework for Rogue Wi-Fi Access Point Attack

The WiFi-Pumpkin is a rogue AP framework to easily create these fake networks, all while forwarding legitimate traffic to and from the unsuspecting target. It comes stuffed with features, including rogue Wi-Fi access points, deauth attacks on client APs, a probe request and credentials monitor, transparent proxy, Windows update attack, phishing manager, ARP Poisoning, DNS Spoofing, Pumpkin-Proxy, and image capture on the fly. moreover, the WiFi-Pumpkin is a very complete framework for auditing Wi-Fi security check the list of features is quite broad.

- [Dependencies] - hostapd, isc-dhcp-server (optional), php5-cli (optional), rfkill , iptables (with nftables I believe) , nmcli
- [Similar tools] - Fern WiFi, Ghost Fisher, wifiphisher
- [How to install] -
- [How to use] - Examples are shown in the on their GitHub: (Screenshots: )


2019-12-09 13:18

administrator   ~0011612

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@kali-team, please could this be packaged up.
@author, If you want to help the packaging process, you can check the documentation here ~

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