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0004134Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2017-08-06 15:34
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Product Versionkali-dev 
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Summary0004134: kali lxde W32 amd64 no taskbar, no desktop icons, no menus
+ asks for login and password
- boots slowly
+ gets to desktop
+ notification lxqt power manager config
- no taskbar, no desktop icons, no menus
+ contextual menu works
+ desktop settings > lxqt-origami-light.png
+ create new > folder
+ go to /usr/share/applications
+ run firefox works

+ boots quickly to login
+ boots fast and completely
Steps To ReproduceToshiba 2.67 GHz i5 4 GB RAM
Download iso
Verify SHA256SUMS
Install on USB drive
Boot from USB drive (same USB drive each test)
See Description above
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