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0004221Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2017-09-10 00:47
Assigned Torhertzog 
Product Versionkali-dev 
Target Version2017.2Fixed in Version2017.2 
Summary0004221: Bare desktop without menu after installing kali-lxde
DescriptionI installed kali LXDE. After logging in, I get a bare desktop without any menu. This makes it pretty hard to start other programs.

I tried both kali-weekly W35 and kali-daily of today. I installed it on a VM using VMware.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install kali-lxde from ISO.
2. Log in to the new installation.

Expected: lxpanel to be running and a menu at the bottom of the screen.
Actual: bare desktop.
Additional Information# ps aux | grep lx
root 670 1.0 0.6 415900 24188 ? Ssl 14:27 0:00 lxqt-session
root 728 0.2 0.5 413452 23260 ? Sl 14:27 0:00 lxqt-notificat
root 729 0.2 0.6 586536 25148 ? Sl 14:27 0:00 lxqt-policykit
root 827 2.3 0.5 306832 21476 pts/0 Ssl+ 14:28 0:00 lxterminal
root 839 0.0 0.0 12860 1012 pts/1 S+ 14:28 0:00 grep lx

A workaround to start anything on your empty desktop:
1. Right click the desktop.
2. Create New -> Blank File.
3. Right click the new file.
4. Open with... Gvim
5. Type ":!lxterminal" to start lxterminal.

Then, you can create an ".xsession" file in your homedir with the commands to start after login, such as "lxpanel".
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has duplicate 0004134closedrhertzog kali lxde W32 amd64 no taskbar, no desktop icons, no menus 



Sjoerder (reporter)

The desktop shown is facilitated by pcmanfm-qt. If I kill pcmanfm-qt, the desktop background changes and now you can start programs by right-clicking the desktop.


broomdodger (reporter)

I reported the same on 2017-08-06
0004134: kali lxde W32 amd64 no taskbar, no desktop icons, no menus


dookie (administrator)

Confirmed the behaviour in the newest weekly (W36) and killing pcmanfm-qt does bring the desktop back to life.

In addition, it seems the locale is set to Afar - Djibouti by default.


rhertzog (administrator)

So the problem boils down to the fact that pcmanfm (part of LXDE) incorrectly pulls in parts of LXQt and we get a mix of both at the end... and it's not working well.

I filed this on the Debian side: https://bugs.debian.org/874657 and in the mean time I uploaded a new kali-desktop-lxde (2017.2.1) which pull lxpolkit first so that the pcmanfm dependency on polkit-1-auth-agent is already satisfied and it doesn't pull LXQt anymore.


rhertzog (administrator)

We should be able to check on tomorrow's daily image if the problem is fixed.


broomdodger (reporter)

daily image 09-Sep-2017

login to lxde desktop seems fixed


rhertzog (administrator)

Thanks for confirming, closing the ticket.

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