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0004338Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2017-11-06 04:48
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Product Version2017.2 
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Summary0004338: thunar read-only error BUT terminal cp works
Descriptionkali-linux-light amd64

Often when trying to copy files using thunar I get a message:

Error while copying to "img".
The destination is read-only.

BUT... if I restart kali-light thunar will complete the copy.

This time rather than restart,
I successfully used terminal to "cp" the files!
"cp" worked WITHOUT the "destination is read-only' message!

Any idea what is happening?
How to get thunar to copy the files?
Steps To Reproduceuse thunar to copy files to a usb flash drive
- fails with "destination is read-only"
+ when it fails it will continue to fail with any file until restart

then use terminal "cp" to copy the same files to the same usb flash drive
+ it always works!
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broomdodger (reporter)

I can create new directories and new files on the usb flash drive using right click in the file manager. I can edit the new files by clicking on them.

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