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0004376Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2017-12-01 08:30
Assigned Torhertzog 
Product Version2017.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version2018.1 
Summary0004376: netboot fails when retrieving libc6-udev
DescriptionWhen trying to boot off the most recent netboot install, the install fails giving a "Loading libc6-udeb failed for unknown reasons. Aborting" message. The debug console shows retrieving libc6-udev 2.23-1 and then segfaults.

After this point, all available menu steps fail on themselves, and the debug menu reports a segmentation fault. Using a seperate ptty to get a dump fails as it won't open a new terminal (just repeats "Please Press Enter to activate this console" and reports a segfault in debug.
Steps To ReproduceStart install from netboot image.


Additional InformationSame issue reported in 2016 here:

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broomdodger (reporter)

I am curious...
Where did you find a 'netboot' of Kali?


Spyro (reporter)

This problem seems to be prevalent in the kali daily rolling located at : https://archive.kali.org/kali-daily-images/

Prior to this note


Spyro (reporter)

I think it's the Kali light one I'm not sure though


rhertzog (administrator)

@tyowell1 Can you point us to the netboot image that you used? Where and when did you download it? Do you have a version for it?

It's very unlikely that the debug console shows a message about libc6-udeb 2.23-1 since the current version is 2.25-1...


tyowell1 (reporter)

@rhertzog I am using the most recent Kali live build pulled down from git.

I will upload screenshot of failure, it is the same error Spyro uploaded a screenshot of.

Once that error appears it does not allow you to get to any options on the menu, including to get the debug logs.


llight (reporter)

Also having this issue - Followed instructions on https://www.offensive-security.com/kali-linux/kali-rolling-iso-of-doom/.

While using the resulting ISO to install, I get the error. I've attached a screenshot of the console.


rhertzog (administrator)

We built new installer images yesterday (version 20171009+b1). It should be fixed now.

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