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0005814Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2019-11-27 13:47
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Product Version2019.3 
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Summary0005814: Missing Tools
DescriptionHi Group, one question:

I have worked with Kali since it appeared, before I worked with Back Track, whenever a new version is released there are tool modifications, new ones come in and others come out, but the last version I have installed in 2019.4 is substantially reduced, compared to the 2018.4, someone explains to me why, and there are even tools that no longer come as armitage, but when installed, it does not work correctly, it does not exploit vulnerabilities.

Attached images of the tools of Kali 2018.4 virtulizado and 2019.4 installed in the physical machine.

I listen to comments and contributions



2019-11-26 13:10


Kali 2018-4.png (486,800 bytes)
Kali 2019-4.png (179,425 bytes)
Kali 2019-4.png (179,425 bytes)


2019-11-27 09:11

administrator   ~0011367

Answers are here:

If armitage doesn't work, you might want to open a dedicated bug report with much more details...


2019-11-27 10:10

manager   ~0011376

armitage doesn't work properly with latest metasploit version but there is no upstream activity / fix.
See for more information and work around.


2019-11-27 13:36

reporter   ~0011378

I understand the armitage, however, what happens with the missing tools and is seen in the attached images


2019-11-27 13:47

administrator   ~0011379

I already replied for the missing tools... please read the article.

If you want more tools install kali-linux-large or even kali-linux-everything.

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