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0006983Kali LinuxKali Websites & Docspublic2024-05-14 16:27
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Summary0006983: Permission problems in Kali bugtracker

Haven't found any better fitting category so had chosen "Kali Websites & Docs".

I have noticed that you seems to have some permission problems in this bug tracker for the standard "Reporter" account.

For example reporters can "Clone" an issue like happen in e.g. 0006912 (clone of 0006903) or 0006960 / 0006962 (clone 0006907) plus many additional ones, i don't think that such "Reporters" should have the possibility to Clone existing issues.

In addition e.g. "Reporters" can report an issue in the "Queued Tool Addition" category like seen in 0006981:0014079, this probably should be prevented by setting stricter permissions to that category.

On the other hand there are too strict permissions and reporters can't even edit their own comments / issues and also can't close them on their own.




2021-01-10 14:04

reporter   ~0014093


Suggestions for the permissions of the "Reporter" level:

  • Disallow "Clone" functionality
  • Disallow creating issues in the "Queued Tool Addition" category
  • Allow editing the own issues / comments
  • Allow closing the own issues


2021-03-13 11:13

reporter   ~0014342

Aaaaaand, it happened again: #7096, #7095, #7094 which are all three wrongly done clones of 0007044

You should really really rework your permissions, at least for the "Reporter" level.



2021-03-13 11:33

reporter   ~0014343

#7097 is also a clone of 0007068 done by the same user...



2021-03-20 05:50

reporter   ~0014375

And another one: #0007103



2021-03-21 12:59

reporter   ~0014377

Why are you also allow reporters to change the severity to e.g. intermediate? If anyone can set their own priorities anyone thinks the own bugreport is the most important one.



2021-03-22 11:17

administrator   ~0014382

Last edited: 2021-03-22 11:17

I would gladly configure mantis to avoid those problems, in fact I already tried... but there's no option to control who can clone. If you can report a bug, then you can clone.

You might want to open a feature request to the upstream project. I'm not sure if there's a setting to limit who can change the priority either.



2024-05-14 16:27

administrator   ~0019271

Ive tried to reduce what options we have enabled, but yeah, this is something that needs to go upstream

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