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0007111Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2022-03-25 13:57
ReporterJosephAshok Assigned Tosteev  
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Product Version2021.1 
Summary0007111: USB Wifi connection issue

I am using Kali 2021.1 in my Odroid C2. I am using Tenda wifi card which uses Realtek 8192EU chipset.
Kali shows the wireless access points, allows me to pick and update WPA key. But the connection does not get through and there is no error either. After trying different ways, i have changed to iwd. Now even NetworkManager is not working if i insert wifi card. After removal of wifi card and restarting NetworkManager it works.
Please help me to use wifi.

Error with NetworkManager with iwd (when wifi card is inserted)
NetworkManager.service: main process exited, code=killed, status=11/SEGV

Steps To Reproduce

Can NetworkManager and WPA_supplicant work with Realtek RTL8192EU wifi driver ?
How we can enable both iwd with NetworkManager. Is this a workable solution in Kali?
Is segmentation failure known with NetworkManager?




2021-06-23 15:08

manager   ~0014767

That chipset isn't really very good. I'd suggest getting an mt76 based device if you can.

Would you mind opening a separate issue regarding NetworkManager with iwd backend? It would be better to track that in its own bug.

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