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0007317Kali Linux[All Projects] Feature Requestspublic2021-09-19 14:28
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Summary0007317: The installer initrd image should have loop,ext4, ntfs-3g
DescriptionThe installer initrd doesn't have loop, ext4, ntfs modules/libs. If these were present we could just iso-scan the iso image on a ntfs/ext4 hard drive without having to format a usb drive back to fat32.
I've seen this issue in almost all debian based distro I tried. Fedora works directly from my ntfs partition.
As I can see kali linux trying to be a versatile pentesting distro, this should be a step towards that.
Steps To ReproduceJust put the iso or copy the files from the iso to any ntfs/ext4 drive.
Install grub/syslinux/isolinux.
Load the installer kernel and initrd.img
And it won't be able to mount your drive during the modules loading step.



2021-09-04 07:12

manager   ~0015080

Sorry, I don't understand the use-case. What's wrong with just copying the iso straight on a USB drive, and then running it?


2021-09-06 10:30

reporter   ~0015082

It's possible that the usb drive is formatted with ntfs, but fuse modules are not present in the installer initrd. So to make support the usb drive would have to be reformatted to fat. So copying directly to a ntfs filesystem would make installer unable to mount and load modules required for installation.


2021-09-19 14:28

administrator   ~0015224

Im not understnading what you're trying todo.

What is your use case?
What are you trying to achieve? and why?

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