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0007318Kali Linux[All Projects] Feature Requestspublic2021-09-30 15:06
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Summary0007318: Missing kernel modules for PXE boot via USB-C
DescriptionDear Kali Team,

I am PXE-booting Kali Linux on a UEFI laptop via a USB-C ethernet adapter.
This does not work with the current Kali Live image oob as the Kali Live initrd.img is missing the required kernel modules (usbnet, cdc_ether).
As a workaround I am using a SysrescueCD kernel and patched the Kali Linux initrd.img with the respective SysrescueCD modules. This
works but technically also requires patching the live filesystem to have modules available at runtime, too.
Also the PXE boot docs do not cover PXE booting from a UEFI machine which I think
is a bit unfortunate.

So my request is:
a) Please include the aforementioned modules in the initrd.img
b) Update the PXE docs

I will gladly assist with either request.
Thanks, fgndev



2021-09-19 11:27

administrator   ~0015219

This is more than likely needing to come from Debian


2021-09-25 11:33

reporter   ~0015239

Right, so if anyone can put me on the path to requesting a feature with Debian, I'll just forward this request.


2021-09-30 15:06

manager   ~0015250

Hi! Indeed this is something that should be addressed on Debian's side.

First thing is to validate that these modules are indeed missing on a Debian live image (just to be sure). I just checked that and I can confirm that those two modules are missing.

Second thing is to check if there's already a bug opened for this matter. Indeed, there is one: This bug report links to a merge request:

I suggest that you add a comment at those two places (you might need to create an account on Since you can describe exactly your use-case, and which modules are needed, this will be a very welcome contribution already.

Regarding the PXE boot docs, if you have a bit of time, feel free to improve the doc and open a MR at I personally never did PXE boot, so I can't document that.

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