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0007372Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2021-10-28 11:45
Reporterjsavage Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2021.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007372: No one seeding torrents, http download very very slow.
DescriptionI am trying to download Kali but the http download is very very slow. I tried torrents, but there are 0 seeds - I've tried the torrent for virtualBox as well and both torrents hae been sitting for a week with 0kb transfered. I've tried using a different machine in case it was a problem with my computer, but still no seeds. I tried 2 other ISPs I have access to, but still no seeds.

Are torrents still supported as a method of DL?
Steps To ReproduceTry to download via torrent.



2021-10-05 04:03

manager   ~0015262

I had success downloading the vmware image via bittorent this week-end. It was fast.


2021-10-05 04:34

manager   ~0015263

I just downloaded the virtual box image, ie. kali-linux-2021-3-vbox-amd64.ova, via bittorent. It took 30 minutes, that's fast. But there are only 2 peers.


2021-10-28 11:45

administrator   ~0015384

Can report all torrents are seeding right (x64 VMware has a ratio over 400, x64 Vbox is over 350)
On the allowed list of the tracker. All is green.

Tried downloading locally, without any issues.

Could it be an issue with your ISP?

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