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0007460Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Improvementpublic2021-12-02 11:39
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Product Version2021.3 
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Summary0007460: Kali installation bugs with net-install and offline installer isos.
DescriptionWhenever I install Kali from the net-install iso. The retrieving file part takes very time. I know what you would suggest to have a good internet connection but I have a good network and I use ethernet. For example, if there is a 94 MB file then it takes 5 min alone to download that from the server. You can guess the rate at which it is downloading, so it takes 3-4 hours to install Kali on my laptop with a SSD and the installation media is put in USB3.0 slot. And I have to use the net-install iso as there is a separate problem with the offline installer. The offline installer does everything perfectly in half an hour but at "Finishing the Installation" it get stuck on "Running simple-cdd", and I have waited for half an hour on that step but nothing happens, the progress bar stays the same, so I have to abort the install and run it again with net-install iso. And I have tried to install from the offline install (fresh iso from 3-4 times it does not solve itself.



2021-12-02 10:57

manager   ~0015464

I'm not familiar with the net installer so I'll try to guess. During installation, is there a step where you can choose the mirror location? Did you try different location? Even better, is there a step where you can enter the URL of the mirror you want to use? In this case, try , that should be fast.

Also, may I ask in which country or region of the world you are located? Thanks!


2021-12-02 11:17

reporter   ~0015465

I live in India. And I have not tried the proxy option i just leave it blank. Shouldn't it use whichever is nearest ?


2021-12-02 11:34

reporter   ~0015466

oh I have mistaken proxy for mirror... But it never asks for a mirror. It automatically does it I guess when it is configuring apt.


2021-12-02 11:39

reporter   ~0015467

other than this no other URLs are asked in the net-installer

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