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0007817Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2022-07-28 16:38
Reporterhagnf Assigned Tosteev  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2022.2 
Fixed in Version2022.3 
Summary0007817: Kali netinstall can't find disk drives - kernel module issue

pxeboot/netboot support broken

kernel modules downloaded for disk and others fail to load - downloaded modules seem incompatible

Steps To Reproduce

Boot with the linux + initrd.gz linked above and run through the installer. Tested on a VMware guest and on real hardware.

Kernel & initrd used (26/Jun/2022):

At the time of writing of this bug report the "current" is symlinked to /kali/dists/kali-dev/main/installer-amd64/20220705+kali1
Real links:

Additional Information

dmesg shows the following errors:
[timestamp] BPF: Invalid name
[timestamp] failed to validate module [#####] BTF: -22
[timestamp] BPF: type_id=1388 bits_offset=2240
where ##### is scsi_transport_spi, libata, t10_pi, etc.
(see attached screenshots)

It seems the kernel modules it attempts to load are incompatible with the kernel that is running.

Attached Files
kali-errors.png (53,641 bytes)   
kali-errors.png (53,641 bytes)   
kali-libata-example.png (44,395 bytes)   
kali-libata-example.png (44,395 bytes)   




2022-07-26 02:16

reporter   ~0016434

result is: installer fails to detect disks because kernel modules cannot be loaded, installer asks user to select the driver. -see attached screenshot

Any driver fails to load.

kali-installer-failure.png (21,152 bytes)   
kali-installer-failure.png (21,152 bytes)   


2022-07-27 19:06

manager   ~0016442

Can you try today's (27 July) build? The Debian installer needed to be rebuilt, and we were in the process of other updates before we could.



2022-07-28 03:07

reporter   ~0016455

Nice, that works, thanks!



2022-07-28 03:08

manager   ~0016456

So it's working for you?



2022-07-28 13:45

manager   ~0016458

Also reported here: No solution so far (and I couldn't reproduce it).



2022-07-28 15:21

reporter   ~0016460

Yes steev it is working now, and arnaudr I saw the missing firmware one, that was not the issue.



2022-07-28 15:29

reporter   ~0016461

@arnaudr just reading through the comments yes it does look like the same issue, the BPF errors indicate the kernel modules are not for the running kernel. This should be fixed for you as well. Note I did see missing .fw firmware files for the wifi kernel module.



2022-07-28 16:38

manager   ~0016462

I'm pretty sure the issue was that d-i needed the rebuild, and that hadn't happened yet. It was rebuilt yesterday, and that's why @arnaudr wasn't able to reproduce the issue that the gitlab submitter had. That said, it looks like things are back on track thanks to the rebuild, so I'll close this issue. If you have similar problems in the future, it likely means d-i needs to be rebuilt due to kernel upgrade.

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