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0007952Kali LinuxKali Package Improvementpublic2022-12-20 01:32
Reporterfob Assigned Tosbrun  
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Summary0007952: Improper patching of restricted ports


I was surprised to notice that regular users can open restricted ports (<1024). Tracking the change, I could not locate a change to the "ip_unprivileged_port_start" kernel parameter in /etc/sysctl.* I then noticed this was announced in as a kernel patch. This change is implemented in

The use of a kernel patch rather than using a sysctl parameter is questionable. Kernel patches should be last resort changes when there are no other ways to fix an issue. They are intrusive.

I suggest that this change (no privileged ports) that the Kali project decided to make be done using sysctl parameters rather than a kernel patch.




2022-10-06 13:21

administrator   ~0016936

Hi @fob,

Thanks for the suggestion - this is something we will deff look into!



2022-12-20 01:32

manager   ~0017260

Heya, this is now done!

  1. The patch was removed in source package linux 6.0.10-2kali.
  2. We now have default sysctl settings (provided by package kali-defaults) in /usr/lib/sysctl.d/ to disable restricted ports by default.
  3. There's also an entry in the tool kali-tweaks to re-enable restricted port if required.

Closing. Thanks again for the report!

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