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0008180Kali LinuxKali Package Improvementpublic2023-07-06 02:21
ReporterArszilla Assigned Toarnaudr  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2022.4 
Summary0008180: i3-gaps Migration/Merge to i3

As of i3 4.22, i3-gaps ( and i3 ( have merged, after being a fork of i3 for 10 years. This version of i3 adds several features from i3-gaps to i3, specifically i3-gaps' gaps. This version of i3 has been added to Kali repositories on 2023-01-27 according to ([2023-01-27] i3-wm 4.22-2 imported into kali-rolling (Kali Repository)).

Due to this merge, i3-gaps is no longer maintained and is archived. Thus, I've contacted gamb1t and determined the necessary actions the Kali Team and I will have to take to reflect this drastic change. Upon discussion and evaluating the options, we've settled on the following changes to be taken:

  1. i3-gaps_dotfiles ( and i3-gaps-dotfiles ( will have a name change to i3-dotfiles.
  2. A keybind to toggle gaps will be added to the dotfiles, with the default state of i3 being the gaps being toggled off.
  3. kali-desktop-i3-gaps metapackage will be deprecated, and its dependencies etc. be transferred/reflected to kali-desktop-i3 metapackage.
  4. Remove i3-gaps' package etc. as it's deprecated/archived.
  5. (OPTIONAL) A variant-i3 will be added to live-build-config

I will be submitting PRs/MRs in the upcoming days to reflect all the changes. As a result, I kindly ask the team to let me perform the changes and share actions that require their discretion as I perform the actions, so that I can assure all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed, to make sure everything works as intended. I'll be relaying this info across here and on Discord to make sure its visible to everyone that needs to take actions.




2023-02-22 22:12

reporter   ~0017551 has been submitted.

  • Added the capability to toggle gaps
  • Restructured the i3 config and its folder
  • Improvements/tweaks

As a result, the i3-gaps-dotfiles package has to be updated and the name of i3-gaps-dotfiles needs to be updated to i3-dotfiles instead.

Can I request your assistance in achieving this?

Thanks in advance.



2023-02-23 09:54

reporter   ~0017557 has been submitted:

  • Migrate kali-desktop-i3-gaps' dependencies to kali-desktop-i3
  • Remove kali-desktop-i3-gaps


2023-02-23 09:55

reporter   ~0017558

As of now, TODO 0000001, #2 and #3 has been submitted. 0000004 will have to be done by the Kali Team.



2023-02-23 09:56

reporter   ~0017559

Meant to say TODO 1, 2 and 3. Apologies for that referencing issue.



2023-02-25 23:35

reporter   ~0017577

I'm performing some additional tweaks to i3-dotfiles, mostly aesthetical stuff. If need be, please update the package and I'll create a new issue + ticket for the other changes to be packaged. Thanks in advance.



2023-03-06 15:09

manager   ~0017619

Hello Arszilla! I should have time to look into that this week, I hope. Sorry that it took so long to answer. It's been very busy those last weeks.



2023-03-09 05:22

manager   ~0017632

  1. (OPTIONAL) A variant-i3 will be added to live-build-config

It already exists, there's a variant i3wm (arguably it should be renamed to i3). Did you try it?



2023-03-09 06:16

reporter   ~0017633

I must've typed it half-way. I meant it as in I'll push a PR/MR after I edit the live-build-script to reflect the changes done overall, and how the ISO and its contents should be/look like at the end.



2023-06-26 07:16

reporter   ~0018192

Forgot to update this ticket. I'll update the variant-i3 in live-build-config later this week hopefully. Other than that, this ticket can be closed.

Thanks for your assistance arnaudr!



2023-06-28 04:52

manager   ~0018200

Much welcome! What do you want to update in live-build-config? The variant i3 is already good I think:

$ cat kali-config/variant-i3wm/package-lists/kali.list.chroot

Live image

You always want these:



You can customize the set of Kali metapackages (groups of tools) to install

For the complete list see:


Graphical desktop


Kali applications


kali-desktop-i3 is now i3 with i3-dotfiles, so it's all good I think, unless I'm missing something?



2023-07-05 06:03

reporter   ~0018223

The hooks :)

I've made a PR/MR to fix it. I've also fixed the formatting on to be better (IMO):

You can cherry-pick and drop if you find it too "radical"/"drastic". But other than that, the hooks are needed to fix a few small "issues" with pulseaudio, and to copy the dotfiles. Otherwise, the user does not have a usable Kali i3 with live-build-config.



2023-07-06 02:20

manager   ~0018225

I left some comments on the MR. Please follow up on the MR, I'm closing this ticket to avoid having two discussions on parallel. Thanks!

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