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0008340Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2023-06-03 14:18
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Product Version2023.2 
Summary0008340: error: no suitable video mode found Booting in blind mode

I am trying install kali linux but I am running into the same error while booting "error: no suitable video mode found. Booting in blind mode" after which nothing happends and I am forced to reboot. I have read through every thread I could find on the topic and tried the suggested changes to grub but I cant get it to work. I have a intel i7 with integrated graphics and an external NVIDIA GPU. i use a 8gb usb hard disk with the last version of kali 2023.2 downloaded from the




2023-06-02 01:25

manager   ~0018132

There was a problem with this image, we just released a 2023.2a version that is fixed.

Please download this image instead:

(or alternatively, any installer images with a version of 2023.2a, in the directory

Please confirm back if the problem is fixed after that. Thanks!



2023-06-03 07:29

reporter   ~0018143

If you are encountering the "error: no suitable video mode found. Booting in blind mode" error while trying to boot Kali Linux from a USB drive, it typically indicates an issue with the graphics driver or display settings. Here are some steps you can try to resolve the problem:

Enable "Nomodeset" in GRUB: When booting from the USB drive, you can try adding the "nomodeset" parameter to the GRUB boot menu. Follow these steps:

  • When you see the GRUB menu, highlight the "Install" or "Graphical Install" option.
  • Press the "e" key to edit the boot parameters.
  • Find the line that starts with "linux" or "linuxefi" and contains "quiet" and "splash".
  • Add "nomodeset" to the end of that line, after "quiet" and "splash".
  • Press Ctrl+X or F10 to boot with the modified parameters.

Disable Secure Boot: If your system has Secure Boot enabled, it can cause issues with certain drivers. Try disabling Secure Boot in your system's BIOS settings. The steps to access the BIOS settings may vary depending on your computer manufacturer.

Try Different Boot Options: Instead of selecting the "Install" or "Graphical Install" option, you can try selecting the "Text Install" or "Install in Expert Mode" option from the GRUB menu. This will boot into a text-based installation interface, which might work better with your hardware configuration.

Use the Fallback Installer: Kali Linux provides a fallback installer that uses a different display driver. When you see the GRUB menu, select the "Installer" or "Graphical Installer (f) (Fallback Mode)" option.

Verify ISO Integrity: Ensure that the Kali Linux ISO file you downloaded is not corrupted. You can compare the checksum of the downloaded file with the one provided on the Kali Linux website. If they don't match, download the ISO file again and verify its integrity.

Try a Different USB Drive: If possible, try using a different USB drive for the installation. Some USB drives may have compatibility issues that can affect the boot process.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, it's possible that there may be a compatibility issue with your specific hardware configuration. In such cases, it can be helpful to seek assistance from the Kali Linux community forums or consult the official documentation for further troubleshooting steps specific to your hardware.



2023-06-03 08:41

manager   ~0018144

No, it was really a problem with the iso we released, a GRUB module was missing. We released a version 2023.2a that fixes the issue. If ever you downloaded the image before Friday Jun 02 12:00 UTC, you likely have the wrong image. If you downloaded after, you likely have the right image.

It's easy to check, just look at the filename of the iso you downloaded. If the version is 2023.2, it's the wrong image, please download it again. If the version is 2023.2a it's the right image.

We announced it on twitter:

Closing the ticket to avoid confusion.

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