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0008420Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2023-08-29 12:20
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Product Version2023.2 
Summary0008420: The gnome desktop mode common account crashes after logging in, but the root account login will not crash.

The gnome desktop mode common account crashes after logging in, and the root account login will not appear. GNOME Shell 44.1 appears Oh no! Something has gone wrong error




2023-08-23 08:36

manager   ~0018359

I suggest you try the latest weekly image, to see if there's still a problem. Plus, we need more information: do you run Kali baremetal, or in a VM? Which VM?

When the GNOME desktop crashes, you need to to open a console (with Ctrl+Alt+FX, where X is something between 1 to 12). From this console, you can then inspect the logs, and post the relevant parts here.



2023-08-24 12:26

reporter   ~0018367

I am running kali on bare metal, installed version 23.1, and use the gnome desktop normally after installation. After the upgrade, the Gnome desktop xorg crashes when it starts, but there is no crash when it starts with Wayland. The attachment provides relevant screenshots and log files, and it is still hoped to be resolved.



2023-08-29 12:20

manager   ~0018415

I don't see any attachments, and which GPU does your system have?

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