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0005861Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Websites & Docspublic2019-12-04 14:03
ReporterXerainHouse Assigned Tog0tmi1k  
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Product Version2019.4 
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Summary0005861: Zenmap missing from kali repository.
DescriptionUnable to download zenmap via apt from Kali repo. Zenmap is also missing from
Steps To ReproduceCreated a fresh install of Kali Linux using the present Gnome and standard 64bit live version. After install I ran $apt update and $apt install zenmap only to receive a missing package error. Error message included that the package was mentioned but non-existent and had been replaced with ndiff.
Additional InformationChecked Kali Docs and appears to be missing. Though it is still mentioned under the information gathering meta-package.

I was able to go to the nmap site, download the zenmap rpm, and use alien to convert it to a deb file and install it via the software installer. Appears to function normally via this method. Alien can be downloaded via, $apt install alien.

This has been tested with the 2019.4 releases and source list has been verified to use correct Kali rolling repo with an older release of Kali and pdfs from Kali Docs.



2019-12-04 14:03

reporter   ~0011571

Note: It seems that Zenmap may no longer be maintained somewhere farther up the line. This is from the Kali forum reported by Gamb1t in:

There does seem to be upwards of four years since an update in the Zenmap section of the Nmap github, minus a cleanup in some translation files.

I've been unable to find a reason, other than lack of updates on Zenmap, for it to be removed considering it only really functions as a GUI for Nmap.
If Zenmap is no longer viable then this issue should be regarded as site maintenance for the purpose of updating
If there is no issue regarding Zenmap be it compatibility, security, or usefulness then I would ask to be notified or have a tool request added so that it can be reintroduced as a tool in the Kali repo.

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