2018-02-24 08:19 UTC

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00045532   Feature Requestsminorresolved (sbrun)2018-02-23please include xserver-xorg-input-synaptics in kali-linux-light
  00040776   General Bugminorresolved (rhertzog)2018-02-22Weekly (24) image doesn't allow to edit grub entries
  000450531 Kali Package Bugminorresolved2018-02-20arachni doesn't run with using sudo anymore
  00045297   General Bugfeatureresolved (threeway)2018-02-19Raspberry Pi3 et Kali 2018
  00045421   General Bugminorresolved (sbrun)2018-02-16Kali desktop theme background doesn't work for 2560x1600 resolutions
  00045271   Kali Websites & Docsminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-02-08Kali-Linux VMware 64-Bit image SHA256SUM is incorrect
  00038372   Feature Requestsminorresolved (sbrun)2018-02-08Updated firmwares for ath10k
  00044701   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2018-02-07Upgrade Burpsuite to 1.7.30
  00044861   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (muts)2018-02-07reaver v1.6.4 released
  00045003   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2018-02-07pixiewps v1.4.2 released
  00044371   Kali Package Improvementminorresolved (sbrun)2018-02-07Responder - Add ./Tools/* into $PATH
  00001752   Kali Package Improvementminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-02-07metasploit framework's pattern_create and offset (Add to $PATH)
  00045101   Tool Upgrademajorresolved (sbrun)2018-02-02realtek-rtl88xx-dkms fixed injection issue
  00024232   New Tool Requestsfeatureresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-29WeBaCoo - Web backdoor tool. Very like weebly, but with more options. Also has 3rd party metasploit module
  00009501   Kali Package Improvementminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-29created watch file for wkhtmltopdf but it reports local version is newer than remote.
  00009031   Kali Package Improvementminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-29created new watch file for libmicrohttpd. update availalbe
  00008801   Kali Package Bugminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-29created new watch file for gr-fcdproplus
  00039363   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-29Lynis v2.4.0 should be upgraded to v2.4.7 duo to lots of changes
  00018642   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-29Xplico
  00009531   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-29Kadu xmpp client is lacking OTR plugin
  000396721 Tool Upgradeblockresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-29Rolling Kali not updating Hashcat
  00007602   New Tool Requestsminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-29wgetpaste
  00006205   New Tool Requestsminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-29signing-party package
  00011773   New Tool Requestsminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-29ghost-phisher
  00025351   New Tool Requestsfeatureresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-29fish shell
  00039557   Kali Websites & Docsminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-29jSQL updates
  00026881   Kali Websites & Docstextresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-29in Kali Linux tutorial page - worng heredoc command
  00026871   Kali Websites & Docstextresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-29in Kali Linux tutorial page - wrong heredoc commands
  00026861   Kali Websites & Docstextresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-29multiple typos in Kali Linux tutorial page
  0004488143 General Bugblockresolved (rhertzog)2018-01-29Gnome Shell crash when you plug an USB device
  00016964   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2018-01-29Update radare2 to 0.9.9
  00034821   Kali Websites & Docstweakresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-26Forensic Tools: Volatility: HAS link (https://code.google.com/archive/p/volatility) should be (https://github.com/volatilityfoun
  00034831   Kali Websites & Docstweakresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-26Forensics Tools: RegRipper HAS link (https://code.google.com/archive/p/regripper/) should be (https://github.com/keydet89/RegRip
  00034841   Kali Websites & Docstweakresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-26Sniffing & Spoofing: xspy HAS like () should be (https://github.com/mnp/xspy/blob/master/xspy.c)
  00034812   Kali Websites & Docstweakresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-26Forensic Tools: Cuckoo: HAS link (http://www.cuckoosandbox.org/) should be (https://github.com/cuckoosandbox) tools.kali.org
  00034852   Kali Websites & Docstweakresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-26Sniffing Tool: zaproxy HAS link (https://code.google.com/archive/p/zaproxy/) should be (https://github.com/zaproxy/zaproxy)
  00035003   Kali Websites & Docsminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-26Change Lynis homepage
  00031441   Kali Package Bugminorresolved (sbrun)2018-01-26ntopng for architecture arm64
  000448751 General Bugcrashresolved (threeway)2018-01-25Bootable image for Samsung Chromebook ARM 13" XE503C32 does not boot - kernel panic
  00044991   New Tool Requestsminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-25Add ExploitDB-Bin-Sploit (Binary Exploits)
  00044981   New Tool Requestsminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-25Add ExploitDB-Papers
  00044692   Kali Package Bugminorresolved (sbrun)2018-01-25Remove skype4py once osrfamework no longer needs it
  000445941 General Bugmajorresolved2018-01-23nm-applet segfaults when conneting to a VPN provider
  00044841   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2018-01-18Update dbeaver to 4.3.2
  00044836   General Bugmajorresolved (rhertzog)2018-01-17Kernel Panic when Upgrading to 4.14 (2017.3) on VirtualBox 5.2.4
  00044673   Kali Package Bugmajorresolved (sbrun)2018-01-15Metasploit not starting
  00044643   General Bugminorresolved (rhertzog)2018-01-15update to linux-image-4.14.0-kali3 breaks dkms-bbswitch and nvidia-legacy-340xx
  00044811   Kali Package Bugmajorresolved (rhertzog)2018-01-15mini.iso netboot installer fails with "Loading libc6-udeb failed for unknown reasons. Aborting"
  000447611 Kali Package Bugmajorresolved2018-01-15linux-headers package missing for i386 (it's there for amd64)
  000445431 Kali Package Bugminorresolved (sbrun)2018-01-11sparta fails to start because of qt4