2018-04-26 11:07 UTC

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0004650 1 General Bugminornew2018-03-25stuck on started reverse tcp handler
  0004647    General Bugminornew2018-03-23Icons change when rebooted
  000438493 General Bugmajorresolved (sbrun)2018-03-23Sound / Audio issues.
  000463952 General Bugminorresolved (rhertzog)2018-03-19KALI 2018.1,after upgrade,the system often login out suddenly
  00046331   Kali Websites & Docsminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-03-15Update Joomscan description on the website https://tools.kali.org
  00046084   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2018-03-15OWASP JoomScan Project update
  000457063 Kali Package Bugmajorresolved (rhertzog)2018-03-14Gnome NetworkManager OpenVPN immediately disconnecting
  00046072   Kali Package Improvementminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-03-14Make msfdb more verbose
  00046321   Kali Package Improvementminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-03-14Update Usage Examples of wpscan
  0004631    Tool Upgrademinorassigned (sbrun)2018-03-13Update windows-privesc-check to latest version.
  0004625    General Bugmajornew2018-03-13kali Linux Kde 64 bit,The dolphin file manager can not open in VMWare
  00022005   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-03-13Kadimus - LFI Scan & Exploit Tool
  00014153   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-03-13Liffy - Local File Inclusion Exploitation Tool
  00023291   New Tool Requestsminorresolved (sbrun)2018-03-13Ropper v1.10.10 - Display info about files in different formats & find gadgets to build ROPs chains
  00046303   Kali Package Improvementfeaturenew2018-03-13Replace / Add a tool - CherryTree editor vs KeepNote
  00046261   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-03-13Update ExploitDB-Papers
  00042691   New Tool Requestsminorresolved (sbrun)2018-03-13CherryTree - A hierarchical note taking application
  000462111 General Bugmajorresolved (sbrun)2018-03-12Partitioning fails due to fail on download of a package.
  00046271   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-03-12Update ExploitDB-Bin-Sploits
  00043251   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2018-03-12hashcat v4.0.0 available
  000383513   General Bugcrashresolved (sbrun)2018-03-12hashcat v3.20 clGetDeviceIDs(): CL_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND Segmentation fault
  000396111 General Bugminorresolved (sbrun)2018-03-12Firmware load fails for Intel 7265D at boot time
  00046191   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-03-12Update SecLists v1.3
  0004622    General Bugmajornew2018-03-10Log in bypass
  0004618    Kali Package Bugminornew2018-03-09Windows selected from Kali boot, DVD drive disappears.
  00045961   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-03-08linkedin2username - Generate username lists for companies on LinkedIn
  0004614    General Bugmajornew2018-03-082018.1 - Copy/Paste & Drag/Drop Bug
  0004613    New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-03-08Add NTPSEC as a package or a default instead of NTP
  000459242 General Bugminornew2018-03-08Mouse and keyboard no longer responds after apt-get upgrade
  00046102   General Bugminornew2018-03-07Kernel oops after a few secs when plugging ath9k_htc on linux-4.14.17 in ieee80211_rx_napi
  0004611    New Tool Requestsminornew2018-03-07S3Scanner - Scan for open S3 buckets and dump
  00045541   Kali Package Improvementminorresolved (sbrun)2018-03-07Add Kali.Training to Firefox Bookmark
  00044856   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-03-06Anubis - Subdomain Enumerator
  000455893 Kali Package Bugminornew2018-03-06Attempt to boot Kali 2018-1 or W08 fails on Apollo Lake laptop - Intel N3350/InsiteH2O bios
  000303161 New Tool Requestsminornew2018-03-06OWASP VBScan 0.1.4 Vulnerability Scanner
  00046061   Kali Package Improvementminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-03-06Make openvas-* more verbose
  000459321 Kali Package Bugminornew2018-03-06Verbose output in terminal when starting or stopping openvas services.
  00046031   Kali Package Improvementminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-03-06Make beef-xss start/stop more verbose & menu updates
  00046051   Kali Package Improvementminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-03-06Make xplico start/stop more verbose & menu updates
  00046041   Kali Package Improvementminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-03-06Make dradis start/stop more verbose & menu updates
  00046001   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2018-03-06burpsuite 1.7.32 available
  00045823   Kali Package Bugminorresolved (rhertzog)2018-03-06Re-build python-impacket package - Missing source
  00045852   Feature Requestsminorassigned (sbrun)2018-03-06Kali Rolling Appearance Dark Theme Configuration
  00046021   Kali Package Bugminorresolved2018-03-06inetsim pem key file is owned by root user
  000421151 New Tool Requestsminornew2018-03-06Universal Radio Hacker (urh)
  0004599    New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-03-06Powercat - netshell features all in version 2 powershell
  0004595    New Tool Requestsminornew2018-03-05Passhunt - searching of default credentials for network devices, web applications and more.
  00045832   Kali Package Bugminorresolved (sbrun)2018-03-05Re-build webacoo package - Missing sourcewebacoo
  00045812   Kali Package Bugminorresolved (sbrun)2018-03-05Re-build maltego package - Missing source
  000458431 Kali Package Bugmajornew2018-03-04'ttf-mscorefonts-installer' package fails to install