2017-07-27 18:37 UTC

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0003448    Feature Requestsfeaturenew2016-07-27dell venue 11 pro 7140 cannot shutdown and reboot
  00011092   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2016-07-26Upgrade uhd-images to 3.7.0
  0003447    Feature Requestsfeaturenew2016-07-26lsb-core required to use google-earth
  00032981   General Bugminorresolved (muts)2016-07-24No aircrack-ng compatibility with rt2800lib devices on newer kernels (> 4.2)
  00034384   Kali Package Bugcrashnew2016-07-22ubertooth functionality broken on armhf
  00033561   Tool Upgradefeatureresolved2016-07-22Please upgrade snmpcheck to 1.9
  00024361   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2016-07-22fruitywifi: new modules
  00034301   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2016-07-22Nmap v7.25BETA1
  00034361   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2016-07-22CeWL 5.2
  00034271   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2016-07-21Bettercap V. 1.5.6 Available - Fixes Kali Issues
  0003435 1 General Bugmajornew2016-07-21Kali Linux can't hibernate or suspend
  0003434 1 Feature Requestsfeaturenew2016-07-21I just found an awesome resource for decompiling flash .swf's
  00034291   Kali Package Bugminorresolved (sbrun)2016-07-20Faraday does not not launch
  00034221   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2016-07-20Update commix
  00034173   General Bugmajorresolved (rhertzog)2016-07-18netboot fails when retrieving libc6-udev
  0003419 1 General Bugminornew2016-07-16Problem installing Kali Linux on VB. Mouse/Keyboard doesn't work, so I can't choose any Install option.
  0003418    Kali Package Bugminornew2016-07-16No data returned from MSSQL server (sqlmap,SQLAlchemy, pymssql)
  0003415 1 Kali Package Bugmajornew2016-07-15web browser faild to parse english text in some website
  00029761   New Tool Requestsminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2016-07-14ident-user-enum
  00033531   General Bugminorresolved (rhertzog)2016-07-12After update rpcbind and nfs.statd starts to run automatically.
  00033961   Kali Package Bugminorresolved (rhertzog)2016-07-12Disable couchdb service by default
  00033348   General Bugminorresolved (rhertzog)2016-07-12MAC changed by macchanger is reset when connecting to an AP
  0003411    Kali Package Bugminornew2016-07-12w3af freezes always: force quit dialogue
  00032861   Kali Package Improvementminorresolved (sbrun)2016-07-11Please fix irpas to get back into Debian testing
  00032697   General Bugminorresolved (rhertzog)2016-07-11Painting issues in zaproxy with assistive_technologies (OpenJDK)
  00033232   Kali Package Bugcrashresolved (rhertzog)2016-07-11W3af Crashes on Kali linux 2016 with latest package prior to this report
  00033672   General Bugminorresolved (rhertzog)2016-07-11File selection dialogues not refreshed in zaproxy with assistive_technologies (OpenJDK)
  00033911   Tool Upgradecrashresolved (sbrun)2016-07-11BDFProxy Crashes Due to MITMproxy version 0.17
  000338021 Kali Package Improvementblockresolved (rhertzog)2016-07-11Black screen after dist-upgrade
  00033951   Kali Package Improvementminorresolved (rhertzog)2016-07-11Missing iwlwifi-7260-17.ucode firmware during installation
  0003405    Tool Upgrademinorresolved (g0tmi1k)2016-07-11mpc 1.4.3
  00034061   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (g0tmi1k)2016-07-11SecList v1.2
  00033851   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (g0tmi1k)2016-07-11exe2hex v1.4
  0003400    New Tool Requestsmajornew2016-07-08Prowl - Linkedin Recon
  00033572   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2016-07-04Hydra v8.2
   0003387    New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2016-06-30Tool request: ftpscout
  00033831   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2016-06-30Reintroduce evilgrade after update
  00002627   New Tool Requestsminornew2016-06-29Please add tool jnetmap to kali
  0003384    Feature Requestsfeaturenew2016-06-29'nogui' boot flag
  00008872   Kali Package Bugminorresolved2016-06-24Dradis shortcut in kali menu don't work
  000269711 Kali Package Bugmajorresolved (sbrun)2016-06-24dradis-framework 3.0.0 only 2 upload plugins/configuration page error
  00033291   Kali Package Bugminorresolved (sbrun)2016-06-24deblaze 0.2: unable to call the tool from terminal without the ".py"
  000337031 General Bugmajorresolved (sbrun)2016-06-23Wrong kernel in installer package (netboot)
  00033553   Kali Package Improvementminorresolved (muts)2016-06-16Fern WiFi Cracker Ver. 2.3 Available - Fixes Kali Issue
  00032122   New Tool Requeststextnew2016-06-15Tool Request: OWASP Basic Expression & Lexicon Variation Algorithms (BELVA) Project
  00031892   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2016-06-12ODAT (Oracle Database Attacking Tool) in Kali?
  00032291   General Bugminorresolved (sbrun)2016-06-09Beef-Xss
  00033471   Kali Package Bugcrashresolved (sbrun)2016-06-09"beef-xss won't start"
  00033381   General Bugmajorresolved (sbrun)2016-06-09Unable to start beef-xss system service
  00033351   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (rhertzog)2016-06-09ZAP 2.5.0 now available